Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Comenius project '3 Rs'

“3 Rs – Rights, Respect and Responsibility” aims to make our students more aware of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, and help them become responsible global citizens.

The five partner schools are located in: The Netherlands, Germany, UK, Spain and Italy. 
The participating students are aged between 12 - 16 years old.

The main objective of the partnership is to allow students from the different countries to work on topics related to rights, respect and responsibilities in order for the students to understand what it means to be an active citizen in democratic Europe. 

This project will help students to identify and develop the necessary skills and competences which will help them to participate in social and working life effectively and constructively in our increasingly diverse society. The students who are directly involved in the project will understand the other young people they are working with better, and this will make them better European citizens, facilitating their further involvement with others, both nationally and globally. To do this each school cannot act alone but must act in a collaborative way with schools across borders. In order to be aware of their responsibilities, the students must find common values. 

The teachers involved in the project will have an opportunity to enrich their professional and personal lives with good practices from their foreign colleagues through contacts with schools and teachers with different backgrounds. This experience will also have an echo among the rest of the staff and students at school, thus promoting everyone's interest towards new European initiatives. All school will benefit from the meetings held at each school as the project will be more visible during the days of the meetings with foreign teachers and students working in school and will thus bring an European dimension into school.  

In order to attain these objectives, we will take a student - centered approach, where the teachers will act as consultants and facilitators letting the students explore their range of interests with an important autonomous component. The activities will be integrated in the subjects of Citizenship (PSHE), RE, history, art, languages, music and physical education. 


  1. Claret School in Gran Canaria, Spain is looking forward to starting this Comenius Project, great blog, thank you UK

  2. Great blog,Oaklands , UK! Claret School in Gran Canaria is looking forward to starting working hard on this Comenius!

  3. Looking forward to learning and sharing lots of ideas with you all. From Claret School