Monday, 2 June 2014

Day 1 - The English travel to Germany

We arrived ready for the trip at normal time on the Monday and we stored our suitcases and went to first lesson. Everyone was very excited and found it hard to concentrate. We had a 2 hour journey to Stanstead airport and we were all so looking forward to the trip that we could hradly sit still. At the airport we checked in unadventfully and only a few people had their bags searched. We had lunch at the airport and on the plane we were all delighted to recive a free Ryanair magazine.

Arriving in Holland the airport officials were very curious and one stopped half of our group at the border control to ask for parental permission. Everything was sorted and with much laughter the journey to the school passed quickly. The students we were staying with were ready to great as and we all went straight bavk with them to their homes. We all unpacked, met the families we were staying with and had dinner. In the evening many groups did different things but I went to a strange bowling alley. The rules, lanes and scoring systems were different and the lights made all the bright colours we were wearing glow. We had already realised how amazing everyones English was and one lady was so delighted at testing her English on real English people that she offered to buy everyones drinks. That evening we met many new people from the other countries and learnt that the other schools had arrived earlier and had gone on a treasure hunt aroung the local town. When we all  went back to our hosts houses we were all really tired and looking forward to the rest of the week.

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