Friday, 24 April 2015

We got to school at 8am then got in a coach at 8:30am to ByBike. We then cycled along the sea front with beautiful views, and the police guided us to the science museum where we saw many interesting things such as an aeroplane, vandegaraff generator, planetarium and watched a film in the cinema.

We cycled back to return the bikes and went to San Telmo to have lunch. After lunch we had free time to go around Triana, the main street with all the shops. Then we started the treasure hunt, we had to find the answers to 15 questions and take pictures as proof. At the end of the treasure hunt we went back to San Telmo and went home with our host families.

We had a good active day and we learnt about trying to help our environment without polluting the air, that is why we travelled by bike not car or bus.

Written by: Dan Hurd, Drishti Lalwani, María Morales Del-Nero, Frederike Karthaus, Femke Verheijen and Alejandro Henríquez.

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