Monday, 6 January 2014


This is a report about our school in Gemert and about a normal schoolday in the Netherlands.
At 8:30 everyone has to put his or her bike into the bicycle parking. (see picture 1)
At 9:20 The first lesson has ended and  the second lesson starts.
At 10:10 we have a small break(see picture 2)
At 10:25 the third lesson starts and 50 minutes later starts lesson four

At 12:05 we have our lunch. Some people buy something in the canteen.
Our teachers have their own place to be (see picture 3). and one class has to clean the canteen.

At  12:35 We have to go to lesson five and 50 minutes later to lesson six.
And about  14:15 we have our last break, after that break you can have  two lessons maximum.
After the last lesson everyone can pick up their stuf out of their locker. (see picture 4)
And then everyone goes home.

I hope you have learned from this text and that you have an idea of a schoolday at our school.
I have put some more pictures so you can see what our school looks like.
picture 5: Our school at the frontside.
picture 6: Junior College.
picture 7: Some children who work on the project

Noor van Geffen a2a

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