Saturday, 11 January 2014

Hey, I’m going to tell you something about our school in the Netherlands. We are proud to be a part of this amazing project: 3Rs.

Our school is called: Commanderij College, it is not a very special school but you will probably think it`s special. There are 1100 students at our school, so you can make many friendsJ. At our school there are 3 classes which are in this project. A2a (it’s my class), H2a and G2a. gymnasium is the highest level, then you get atheneum and then you get havo. All these classes have got fle ( fast lane English ), it’s completely in English.

Where is our school?

Our school is in Gemert, not a very big city, but nice. Here is a link that you can visit to get some more information.


It`s in the province Brabant, close to (bigger cities like) Eindhoven and Helmond. We`ve got a nature reserve, it`s called: “de peel”. So (again) here is a new link for information of the area around Gemert:


Well, i hope in your country It’s much better. In summer it is not very hot here, in winter not very cold. It often rains and very much.

thanks for reading our blog,

made by: Tim and Gijs from Commanderij College




  1. lovely school! We are really looking forward to visiting you over there!
    Talk soon
    Claret Students from Las Palmas, Spain

  2. see you all in may!! it's going to be great!!