Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Amazing memories from our trip to the Netherlands

Our Second Day:
            On our second day we went to Tilburg to a very exciting dance and drama workshop. We learnt how to turn everyday actions into an interesting dance, practiced communicating without speaking (which was useful as it was sometimes hard to overcome the language barrier) and learnt to walk with confidence in ourselves – it was very fun and we enjoyed ourselves immensely.
We had lunch, which our host families had prepared for us, and the groups we had been put into allowed us to mingle and make new friends with the other nationalities.

That afternoon, we went to Denbosch where we had ice cream (the weather was glorious), enjoyed looking round the historic city and bought many souviners for our families and friends back home. After the long coach ride home, everyone went back to their host families houses for dinner before going out to enjoy evening activities. Many of the groups made the most of the wonderful weather by having BBQ’s and water fights - cycling isn’t quite as enjoyable in wet shorts!

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