Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Memories from our trip to the Netherlands

The 4th day
            Thursday, we cycled to school again and went to Den Haag to visit a prison gate museum, the humanity house (where we experienced the life of someone having to leave their home country) and Madurodam (a model village).

In the prison gate museum, we saw how people in the olden days stayed whilst awaiting trials. We saw the different rooms accomadating the rich and poor and the different methods used for torture. Everyone complained about the stairs as their legs were aching after Wednesday’s work out session!

The humanity house was unlike any other museum anyone had seen. It was an interactive tour where, in pairs, you would experience what life would be like if you were forced from your home country because of natural disaster, war and other issues. This experience was very life like and thought provoking because they used your own personal names and pictures within the tour.

The afternoon was baking hot so we were all glad that the model village was outside. We saw key parts of Holland including the airport and traditional wind mills. We got to drive remote controlled mini boats and we went to the food of Holland land café afterwards. There was a massive clog that we were able to sit in and take pictures in, which I’m sure everyone will remember!

The coach ride home was both sad and happy; happy because of the great day we had had but sad because it was the last night we would be together. Different groups had different activities planned for that night and we parted ways with smiles on our faces and many pictures. The group we personally were with went out to eat at a Chinese buffet, which was AMAZING! The food was great (especially the ice cream) and it was a great way to say goodbye to everybody.

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