Thursday, 20 March 2014

Day 1 opinions ....

Opinions of the treasure hunt:

Mrs Anelli (Italy): It was a good start, because it offers the opportunity to meet other students in a nice way. They start collaborating before the real work

Felix Türke (Germany): It was a nice trip but it was a bit difficult to talk with the others because we did not know the others. In my opinion the way we had to go was a little too long.

Elena Santacreu (Spain): In my opinion I think that the treasure hunt was very good because we saw the most important things of Lemgo. It was very funny.

Rebecca Galbraith (Great-Britain): Monday was fun because we got to travel around the town and see what there was in Lemgo. I think I would have liked to go to the swimming pool if I had the chance.

Mr Pérez (Spain): I think that the treasure hunt was a beautiful experience, because all the students were working together and at the same time we learn something about the beautiful town of Lemgo.

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