Thursday, 20 March 2014

Day 2

Day 2
March 18, 2014 by Cristina and Tjorven with help from Kira and Rebecca

Today we went to the city of Münster. At 9.07 we took the train to Bielefeld. There, we had to take a train at 9.58 but we took a train to Düsseldorf. As someone saw that this train didn’t go to Münster all students and teachers were very scared. We arrived in Bochum and then we changed the train back to Hamm. In Hamm we took the right train to Münster and we reached Münster at 12.30. When  we arrived we were divided in 3 groups to do a tour around the city. There were a lot of bikes, and the guide told us that most of the people had 2 bikes. We visited some churches and the cathedral of Münster which was very beautiful. After the tour, we were divided again in groups of 4 or more people. We had 2 hours to go shopping, eat something and buy souvenirs. It was very fun and interesting. 

First we made a sightseeing-tour with a tour guide trough Münster. The tour guide showed us historic Münster. We saw very huge, old buildings, but we had to be very careful, because if you only are looking on these amazing houses you will get into an accident with a bike. In Münster there are many bikes and you have to be very careful. After the sightseeing-tour we had time to go shopping or to eat something. We were searching for a Kebab Shop and in a little street we found one. Some ate a kebab and some ate a pizza. It was really delicious and everyone was well-fed...

The Spanish wanted to buy gifts and souvenirs, and so we went to a gift and souvenir shop. Not only the Spanish bought something there, also the German bought something for their friends and their families. We had to find our way back to the train station, but we are really smart and so we found the way back :)
The journey back to Lemgo was not so exciting, because we took the right trains and reached our destination.

In the evening most students were very tired and went home to sleep, but some even did something like watching a film or looking around their new home…

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