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DAY 3 - 19th March

Day 3
Wednesday 19th March 2014 by Rebecca and Kira

We woke up at 7 o’clock and for breakfast had salami, cheese and a banana. We met at the train station at 9:15 and got on the train to Osnabrück. It took about an hour and a half to get there. When we arrived, we had an English group photo and then we split into groups. One group went straight to the museum but the rest of us went around town in smaller groups shopping! It was quite difficult to navigate! Some of us got drinks from Starbucks, while others sat in a marketplace with yummy pretzels (or brezels as they’re called in German).

After shopping, we visited the Felix Nussbaum Museum. He was a Jewish artist who painted during the time of the Second World War. He was always fleeing from persecution by the Nazis. The museum was an architectural masterpiece because it was built as a rigid maze of concrete walls. This was to show the tricky and discriminative pathway that Felix’s life followed. His pictures all were verysad and had and air of misery about them as he had lived through the First World War and was living persecuted during the Second.
 A historic building we saw when in Osnabrück.

After the museum we still had time to go to some more shops and we bought some presents for our families like some bike shaped pasta and some yummy german chocolate. We bought ice-creams and eat them on our way back to the station. Our map reading skills weren’t very good so we nearly got lost several times. In the evening some of us went out with our exchange partners. We went to Pizza Hut and into some German shops e.g. New Yorker and Pimkie. A different group also met up in a cafe called the beat cafe. We tried new drinks like Kiba (cherry and banana juice mixed) it was heaven!!!!!!! We also had some old favourite foods like Ben and Jerry’s: they love ice cream in Germany too. We made lots of new friends from Spain, Germany and the Netherlands. Sadly there were no Italians there. We all exchanged e-mails and phone numbers and hope to stay in contact when we go home.

Comments from each nationality:
Lieke (the Netherlands) – Yesterday after Osnabrück we went kegeln (bowling). Before that we had eaten pizza with the whole group (15 people) and it was really nice! The game (kegeln) was also fun! We laughed a lot and it was a really nice game.

Tjorven (Germany) - Yesterday was a great day! We learnt a lot about  paintings and saw interesting buildings.It was very fun! The building was a spectacular architecture and you could feel how Felix Nussbaum life was. It was so amazing. The evening was very good, because we made new friends.

Cristina (Spain)- The museum had a very interesting building with strange forms. It also was a little bit scary because behind the museum there was a prison.

Matisse (England)- Yesterday we visited Osnabrück and went to a very interesting art museum. We learnt  about a Jewish painter and his story in the war. I was taught a lot of new and exciting facts and it was a great and very informative trip!!!

Matteo (Italy)- The museum in Osnabrück was very interesting and very informative for me.   I love visting other countries  and yesterday was a great day!

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