Thursday, 20 March 2014

Day 2 opinions ...

Opinions of the trip to Münster:

Max Müller (Germany): It was really impressive, because of the many bikes. It was good that we had so much freedom to go around there. I don’ t like the long ways of the university, because they are really too long.

Carolina Torres Alemán (Spain): It was really interesting, because we saw the most important monuments in the city. Then we have a bit of time for fun and we enjoyed looking for some shops. It was a nice day that I had with my friends…

Kira Mulcahy (England): It was fun looking around the very historic city and seeing all the monuments and buildings. I also liked that after the tour we were able to go shopping and look around ourselves and we could buy souvenirs for our families. Also I made lots of new friends so it was a very good day!!!!!!  :)

Sofia Netti (Italia) : I was impressed by the beauty of the cathedral of Münster. It´s a very nice city, full of many monuments and building. I enjoyed going around all together in the city. The journey was a bit too long but we could speak and have fun a lot. It´s a very good day J

Imke van Dijk (the Netherlands): The stories of the historical buildings were not very interesting but the buildings were beautiful and just a little bit interesting. I liked it to go shopping in the city centre with my new friends !! And the train was funny because I´ve talked a lot with the people from different countries. It was a nice day!!

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